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By Donald Fenna

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This complete and authoritative dictionary offers transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and sorts of weights and measures in the Systeme overseas (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. additionally it is common ancient and medical historical past, masking the advance of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will turn out necessary to specialist scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the final consumer.

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009 2 blue. '34' The three coefficients required to match any given sample with a base trio of independent reference colours are called the tristimulus values. '35' CIPM [Comite International des Poids et Mesures] The world authority for metric 'weights and measures' (now as the SI), and supervisor of the tBIPM under the policy and dictates of the tCGPM. circle See revolution. e. ignoring the multiplier ^. ni2). 001211737~in2). Clark [T. Clark; UK 1801-67] chemistry With reference to water hardness, see degree.

De Coulomb; France 1736-1806] quantity of electricity, electric charge. Symbol C. The coulombs of electricity transported or of charge delivered by a f steady current equal the product of current in amperes and time in seconds. u. system. s. = s -A. The following are among the coherent derived units: • C • m~ 2 for electric flux density, surface density of charge, electric polarization; • C • rrr3 for volumic charge, charge density; • C • kg"1 for exposure to X- or gamma-rays; • C • V = joule for energy, work, quantity of heat; • C-V^ 1 = farad for electric capacitance.

So 1 newton = 105 dyne, 1 joule = 107 erg, making each of the four compatible in a decimal sense within its respective other system, but not coherent therein. The calorie is doubly a confusion. It raises the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 kelvin (degree Celsius), making it obviously not coherent within the SI, where the kilogram rather than the gram is the base unit for mass. 8~erg. s. system (with base units of foot, pound, and second), one horse power being 550 foot-pounds per second, but the distinctively metric units litre (1 cubic decimetre = 1^5 m3) and f are (1 square decametre = 100 m 2 ) are not coherent in any version of metric except, in the case of the litre, a barely touched system using the decimetre, gram, and second as its base units.

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